You win.


You still hold an unshakeable power over me. I’ve professed that you haven’t. To myself. To others.

I was doing so well.



I hadn’t thought about you in months. Years, even.

I was in control.

But then…

I remembered.

I. remembered.

How magical you can be. How you compliment so many things.

So simple, yet so profound. Unforgettable.

I could only resist you for so long.

With those flirty winks on my plate. You hold my gaze.

I cave. Devour every last morsel, with utter glee.

You nearly fall into my lap. I can’t help myself.

It’s a love affair I can‘t forget.

It’s my fault.

I did it to myself.

I made this:

Slow-cooker lemongrass beef stew, August 23, 2022, courtesy, me.

Sure, I could’ve eaten it on it’s own. I’ve been doing Keto forever. It would’ve been fine. Just, fine, without you. For the most part, I’ve learned to live without you.

In truth, I blame it on what my partner was watching on the tele.

Rudy Maxa’s Hokkaido-Taste of Japan.

Damn you, rice.

Though my main dish was not Japanese, I was reminded of how precious and delicious it could be when kissed with rice. How it soaks in all of the flavours.

I had no choice.

I paired my slow cooker lemongrass beef stew with you. You lovely little morsels of perfection.

I went as far as to add some delectable Japanese gyozas on the side. I’ve always been a fan of fusion fun.

Slow-cooker lemongrass beef stew, pork and vegetable Gyozas, steamed, buttered and lightly salted peas and carrots. August 23, 2022, courtesy, me.

Worth. Every. Bite.

It will be some time before we meet again, my dear rice.

It is necessary. You still hold that power over me. I must proceed with caution when it comes to you.

But it won’t be forever. It can’t be. I love you too much.

After polishing my plate, I was instantly transported back to this moment, this image of delight and naughtiness. This mischievous grin:

My lil man, . 2008. Courtesy: me.

I may’ve bamboozled myself. But. it. was. worth. it.

Until we meet again.



“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. ~Maya Angelou

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Cindy Letic

“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. ~Maya Angelou