Safety in numbers.

Courtesy: Roya Ann Miller, January 5, 2017,

She walks.

lives and breathes.

With joy, in tow.

With sorrow, in tow.

With magic, in tow.

With curiosity, in tow.

With hope, in tow.

At all times.


Occasionally, one friend, competing for front and centre.

But there is a profound understanding, among these friends…

she carries so carefully in tow…

that any gain by any one friend is transient.

Most moments, they coexist, with a most profound and calming truth.

That not one of these friends rule her.

These friends are living in harmony, not truly competing.

They are woven into the fabric of her being, her existence,

with love and acceptance of their said roles.

All necessary.

One may toy with her…occasionally.

summoned by the wind, the sun

the rain, the frost, the fire.

A sense of confusion,

when only one friend, one temperament exists.

This. is. not. normal.

But. it. is. temporary.

But soon, the chaos returns.

All friends reappear, play nice, absent of their desire for domination.

They know her all too well.

They trust her.

They are all safe with her. At all times.

For they know,

They must

coexist, with a most profound and calming truth.

A most profound and calming chaos.

They all make her whole.

They are all necessary.

They understand, that together,

they keep her from becoming what she refuses to succumb to…

no matter the weather, no matter the friend…old or yet to be discovered.

self-destruction will never receive a warm welcome.

A foe.

Not a friend at all.

There is no room for the end.

She is not jaded, will not be jaded.

By her surroundings, her lived experience.

She is too busy welcoming the necessary chaos.

She is free

to walk

with friends.



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Cindy Letic

Cindy Letic


“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. ~Maya Angelou