Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, Canada, July 2022

Food, fun and sun: My medicine.

Cindy Letic


Every year, for the last 8 years, I travel to Vancouver Island for two weeks in the summer months to spend time with my second family. Two weeks filled with peace, love, laughs, story-telling, full-on silliness, sun, long, walks, beach rejuvenation and food.

Cooking for my loved ones has always been a such gift. It never tires me, no matter the amount of time I spend prepping, chopping, mixing, sizzling, searing, baking, etc.

It’s not work, it’s play. Whether it be meals I’ve cooked a thousand times before, or experimental, fusion cuisine, it’s always received with so much love. If it is work, then it truly is a labour of love.

Breaking bread together with those nearest and dearest to my heart always brings me such joy.

Now that I have returned from this year’s trip, I’ve decided that I will start documenting my food adventures. I only wish I would’ve started the food diary on this last trip, noting the meals, the real-time reviews, the stories, the real-time silliness.

Next time.

For now, here are some pictures to get your mouth watering…

Ferry meal: Seared BC spot brawns and Cajun chicken breast on a bed of Caesar Salad-Horseshoe Bay, VI, Canada, July 2022
Home cooked birthday dinner: Grilled strip loin steak, medium rare, seared Argentinian prawns, sautéed with garlic, butter and “slap ya mama” seasoning. Baked potato with butter and chives, sautéed mushrooms. Not pictured, copious amounts of cab sav. :) July 2022
My second mom’s famous homemade “Feathery Fudge Chocolate layered cake.” Drool factor at an all time high. July, 2022
Grilled sockeye salmon stuffed with herbs and lemon slices. Fresh green beans from the garden, lightly buttered and salted. Roasted asparagus, mixed green salad with a homemade garlic and lemony vinaigrette. Went to town with the olive oil. :) July, 2022
Fresh Mexican prawns sautéed in garlic, butter, salt, lemon, black pepper and a hefty dose of serrano peppers (unfortunately I devoured the serrano peppers before I took the picture. :( Also featured, homemade Puttanesca to honor my Italian roots. A meal made by me and my partner. August, 2022
Fresh Mexican prawns pre-cook. They weren’t lying when they said they were massive. Surprisingly, those tasty sea gems cook faster than any other prawn me or my partner have cooked in the past. August, 2022
Beef bourguignon made by my second brother. Buttery mashed potatoes, steamed fresh green beans and a vinegary spinach salad. So. Good. August, 2022
Pot full of Beef bourguignon. August, 2022.
Homemade Cheesy Enchiladas Verdes, refried beans, dirty rice and a fresh jalapeno, serrano pepper, cilantro, lime and lemon salsa. I make this for my second parents, every summer. It’s an all day kind of thing. Always worth the effort. August, 2022.

That’s it for now. Just a little tease. Next time I’ll include full recipes and back stories. :)

Until next time, take pleasure in the little things…the precious moments, time with those near and dear to your heart, and, of course…all of life’s delicious adventures.

Your only limit is your imagination.



Cindy Letic

“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. ~Maya Angelou